Simple, consented access
to a user’s contact information

Through Mobile Connect Sign-Up a Service Provider may ask to receive a specific user’s contact information. Providing the user’s consent is obtained they can they receive details such as name, address and telephone number

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How does it work?

  • Messaggio makes a request via the Mobile Connect OIDC API to ask the user’s operator to provide contact information.
  • The Operator contacts the user via their device to obtain consent.
  • If the operator receives the user’s consent it then provides the user information requested by the SP.

How is it used?

  • eCommerce – easy one-click checkout.
  • Automatic online form filling when registering on an SP’s site.
  • Easy user identification when they contact the Call Centre

Mobile Identity benefits and features

  • Increases SP’s conversion rates by providing a one-click simplified experience for the user, thereby speeding registration.
  • Mitigates the risk of data entry error and fraud by using verified information provided by the user’s operator
  • Protects user privacy: explicit consent is needed for the operator to share information.
  • The method of interaction does not affect the authentication experience of the user. Works identically on tablet, PC, mobile devices and so on.
  • Can be initiated by the user on their own browser when entering the SP’s website. Alternatively, the SP can run it in the background making it available for many different use cases.
  • Single contract to access the service and a single open standard API (OIDC) from multiple operators worldwide.
  • Case by case access to additional information such as title,middle name, email address or other contact details.