Why is Mobile Marketing a Must in 2020?

Tech analysts had predicted that the future would be mobile for nearly two decades. It seems like the future has finally arrived with an estimated 2.7 billion mobile users worldwide.
Marketers and advertisers have adjusted to this modern reality and, therefore, have explored innovative ways like SMS marketing and SMS API sending to transform conventional marketing strategies into effective mobile marketing campaigns. Even major brands such as Amazon have launched personalized advertisement services that boost their business in the US and online retail market.

Mobile marketing has become a multi-channel practice in 2020, which supports large sectors of our online ecosystem. Nevertheless, this future has arrived so quickly that many of the seismic changes this sector encounters can be difficult to describe or get a grasp of, on an annual basis.

That is why it is essential to take a step back and address mobile marketing effectiveness broadly in 2020, and also ponder upon the reasons that make it so relevant in today’s digital world.

1. Connecting with Concise Target Market that Converts

Most people use tablets and smartphones when accessing the Internet instead of laptops and desktops. Consequently, mobile device usage has been growing across all ages. This means you can use mobile marketing to communicate with your niche target audience, irrespective of what goods or services you provide.

You can improve your mobile marketing campaigns with targeted ads and bulk SMS messaging to boost the results. Targeted marketing, unlike conventional advertisement, helps you to introduce your content to a particular audience you are trying to target. The prevalence of user data makes it easy for companies to identify users and issue corresponding marketing content.
This gives you the fast track to your target audience and makes it easier and more valuable for you to communicate with them.

2. Diversity and Range of Mobile Marketing Content

Besides, Wi-Fi mobile devices support internet connectivity through cellular data as well. With low-cost data plans, customers can access as much content as they want. This expands the range of content that can be used in mobile marketing by businesses.

For example, you can use high-quality, high-resolution images and intricate logos for marketing your brand without any constraints of image size. Also, video marketing is becoming ever more common, which perfectly complements mobile marketing.

Although bandwidth limitations and slow loading times once made mobile video marketing impractical, but the enhanced speeds and bandwidth availability has turned the tables in its favor. Many consumers now spend an unbelievable amount of time viewing marketing videos on their mobile devices.

3. Enhanced Customer Engagement

As customers, we’re used to seeing marketing content. We are subjected to some sort of advertisement, any time we pass by a billboard, visit a store, or check our emails. Many a times, we just tune out the marketing messages that we get. And for businesses, this is one of the biggest challenges that they strive to overcome.

Nevertheless, when it comes to mobile marketing, it is much easier to attract users’ attention. 98 percent of people are expected to open a text message within 3 minutes of receiving it. Unlike emails, SMS messaging cannot be easily routed to spam directories without an SMS marketing message being opened. Remember! Users open an SMS almost always.

It is not just text messages that generate this degree of engagement. App alerts, alarms, and reminders often prompt a high rate of interaction too. This is hard to reproduce in other formats of marketing. For this reason, mobile marketing is the highest priority for any business that wishes to increase its engagement with its target audience.

4. Ability to Send Accurate Location-Based Marketing Content

People prefer to take their smartphones with them everywhere they go, which means they can almost always access your marketing material. Location-based searches are becoming increasingly common, as data accuracy becomes more reliable than ever.

At the moment, 46 percent of all Google searches are for local information, and 72 percent of local searches result in in-store visits within a 5-mile radius. When people are out and about, they’re using their mobile devices to check for local information. Therefore, marketing through mobile devices is the best way to reach users doing local searches.

Most businesses already invest in ‘near me’ searches, but few combine their efforts with mobile marketing that includes SMS marketing and SMS APIs. Through uniting these components, you will significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and see their performance soar.

5. Builds Better Brand Loyalty

The most cost-effective way for companies to generate revenue is to produce repeat sales. Your ROI significantly improves if you can prolong the duration of a customer’s engagement and convince them to interact regularly with your brand. And to achieve this, you have to cultivate and build brand loyalty.

Mobile marketing is a very successful way of doing this. By launching a branded app, you can not only release content from mobile marketing to your clientele but also process sales. Moreover, an app can be used to reward consumer loyalty and to encourage customers to make regular purchases by offering incentives.

You can build a substantial following through the use of the app by launching mobile communities and giving VIP access to the loyal customers. When you want a direct line to new and current clients, nothing works better than mobile app marketing.

6. More Attention – Lesser Distractions for Customers

When consumers search for your brand online, rival companies will make their ads appear right next to your URL. When you use a billboard for offline ads, you’ll be jostling for space. But with mobile marketing, you have the full attention of the consumer. Following a notification of your business SMS, users are taken straight to your marketing material as soon as they click your link. With no competing advertisements or tabs open to distract them, potential customers focus solely on your message.

This enables you to project your message with more accuracy and better effects. With your target audience less likely to get distracted, you can look forward to higher click-through rates and, ultimately, optimization of the conversion rate.

The Upshot

If you’re a new company or a growing business, mobile marketing will take you to the next stage. No matter what sector you work in, a good mobile marketing service offers you the ability to meet your target audience easily and efficiently.

Also, the variety of formats that can be used on mobile devices allows you to be as imaginative as you can be with your content. From text and photographs to videos, gifs, and memes, there are countless ways to promote your brand through mobile marketing. Because Mobile Marketing is Here to Stay!

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