What Business Tools are Available in Viber?

Viber business tools make Viber Business an outstanding marketing and customer engagement platform. As per Google Statistics, Viber Business is the best marketing solution for your business. And that’s not all! With over a billion users spread in almost 200 countries, Viber messages have an exceptional delivery rate of nearly 100%. And its users open this app 12 times a day on average. Isn’t that amazing?

This makes Viber Business a marketing tool to reckon with and below are Six tips that will rock your Viber Promo Campaign if you are considering using one.

1. Make use of Viber Communities

Viber offers the opportunity to build your own business community, free of cost. Businesses can attract up to 1 billion members and allow them to live chat, receive message, likes, moderate communication and conduct surveys which are all highly beneficial to customer engagement. So, start with creating your communities and send bulk Viber messages.

Remember! Creating a community and sending bulk Viber messages is like holding a two-way conversation. All your unsubscribed visitors can read your bulk Viber messages and choose whether they’re willing to join the community. It filters out much of the unwanted customers on its own and makes room for an interested, more focused and niche audience.

2. Incorporate Video Marketing in Viber Campaign

50 per cent of Viber users post images and videos every day, according to Viber. Use these numbers to your advantage and use videos, images and events related to your brand in your bulk Viber messages as part of your Viber Campaign. These extra features are available with the chat extensions.

3. Use the Stickers in Viber Messages

Stickers are one of the most commonly used marketing tools. Coca-Cola’s Viber Sticker campaign in Bulgaria escalated to nearly 191,000 downloads of stickers with a conversion rate of almost 30 per cent.

So, don’t forget to introduce your brand’s stickers as part of your Viber Campaign. Viber allows you to create your own proprietary Stickers. And you can use those quirky and creative marketing resources to promote your brand.

According to Viber, 30 percent of people using Viber send stickers every day. When any users download your sticker, they get subscribed to your public chat and you get added to their contact list. This way you can improve recognition of the brand and expand your reach.

4. Use Public Chat as Your Showcase

Use public chat to showcase your brand. And the users can decide whether to add your products to their interest list or not!

Your creativity plays a significant role here. Brands that are different and have a creative and smart visual appeal can make it to the audience’s super-like arena, really quick.

Images and videos as part of Viber messages, prove very useful for brands that sell Apparel, Jewellery, Wearables, toys, electronics and cosmetics.

5. Use 1 to 1 Marketing for International Audience

When your customers are located all over the world, using Viber to communicate with them can turn out to be a very cost-effective and personal way to connect. Also, the easy-to-use chat, share, buy, and pay system makes it awesome for millennial consumers to hop on board and just as easy and open for marketers to make the most out of it. And that’s your marketing strategy for Viber, right there, guys!

6. And Yet, It’s All About the Ads!

Needless to say, Viber ads should be a part of your Viber Campaign. Viber actively engages 7 million-plus interactions every second. And one of those interactions might be with your ads. These ads are shown when a call is over. The third-party ads on Viber are shown as “Sponsored” and coincide with the interests of the users of the app.

The Upshot – Let the Pros Do it for You

The Viber Campaign involves live chats, real-time messages, stickers, interactions and all that constitutes social and digital marketing. If used intelligently by entrusting the Pros handle your Viber Business Campaign. Viber marketing can take a brand to places and create not only local but a global presence!

Messagio’s Viber for Business is your Bright Purple go ahead light for the Viber Marketing Zone!

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