Viber Market: An In-Depth Look at Messenger Impact in Europe


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Imagine an app that goes beyond texting friends, bringing together over 1.1 billion people worldwide on various devices. We’re talking about Viber, more than just a messaging app. It’s changing how businesses connect with clients, especially in the B2C world. Let’s dive into our comprehensive analysis of Viber’s role in the market, with a spotlight on its influence in Europe. Are you ready to explore?

Viber’s Vital Role in Europe

Viber boasts a massive user base exceeding 1.1 billion registered users. Its core business model remains consistent: it facilitates calls, texts, images, and videos, all you need is an internet connection. It’s available in over 40 languages, making it globally accessible. An impressive 40% of Viber’s revenue comes from its Business API, offering substantial potential for businesses to engage with its active users.

Viber’s Diverse Audience and Market Presence

Viber caters to a wide range of audiences and markets, with a significant presence in Eastern Europe. It holds the third spot among popular messaging apps there. Users are active, with over 70 million interactions happening each hour. On average, a user sends 30 daily messages and spends around 35 minutes on Viber.

Viber Statistics

Countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine have a strong Viber presence, with Ukraine alone accounting for 20.19% of its market share. Around 110 million Eastern Europeans rely on Viber daily. This data underscores the European market’s potential.

At the same time, Viber has a high penetration rating in Southeast Asia: for instance, there is a Viber app on 66% of smartphones in Vietnam; in the Philippines, this index is equal to 71%.

Viber’s Empowering Features for Businesses

Viber’s features and tools make it an excellent marketing channel, especially in Europe. The Business Messages feature allows companies to send tailored messages to clients, fostering deeper engagement. You can establish interactive dialogues with customers, building stronger relationships. The credibility of a verified official account boosts trust, while incorporating media like images, videos, and GIFs enhances conversations.

Cost-Efficiency of Viber for Business

One of Viber’s key attractions for businesses is its cost efficiency. Tools like Viber Business Messages help forge connections with the target audience without straining budgets. Businesses pay only for successfully delivered messages, ensuring exceptional value. Moreover, Viber Business Messages are cheaper than SMS and WhatsApp Business API Messages: that’s why companies from retailers to SaaS choose Viber for building strong and loyal communication with customers.

Versatile Viber Business Messages

Viber Business Messages accommodate various communication needs, catering to transactional, promotional, and conversational interactions. Businesses can include media like images and GIFs to make messages engaging and immersive.

Viber Message Layouts
Chatbots for Messaging Automatization

Viber offers not only business messages, but automated communication via chatbots, automated assistants designed to revolutionize customer interactions. Chatbots interact with shoppers, provide quick responses to queries, and offer valuable information. Integrating chatbots into your strategy streamlines marketing efforts, allowing human agents to focus on complex tasks.

Viber Chatbot
Cost Savings with Viber

Viber significantly reduces marketing costs for businesses. Traditional methods can be expensive, but Viber offers a cost-efficient alternative. With this platform, you can send mass messages directly to clients via their mobile devices, achieving marketing goals at a fraction of the cost.

Viber API for Businesses of All Sizes

Businesses of all sizes find the Viber API attractive. Smaller enterprises reduce the workload on customer service teams by automating tasks, while medium-sized entities enhance cohesion. Larger corporations can scale efficiently while optimizing customer interactions.

Enhanced Customer Journey with Viber

Viber empowers businesses to be present throughout the entire customer journey, from awareness to loyalty. Targeted ads, branded lenses, stickers, two-way conversations, chatbots, and messages facilitate this journey.

Viber Ads Formats
Boost Sales with Viber’s Global Reach

Viber can boost sales, helping businesses surpass competitors. Loyalty programs, upselling strategies, and re-engaging customers with abandoned carts are effective strategies.

Optimize Campaign Performance and ROI

Viber’s testing capabilities allow businesses to fine-tune campaigns and content for maximum impact. This data-driven approach ensures efforts hit the right target, improving ROI.

The Comprehensive Messaggio Experience

Messaggio, a partner of Viber, offers an omnichannel experience, allowing businesses to communicate effectively via various messengers. This approach ensures consistent customer engagement across all touchpoints.

Messaggio. Viber Messaging Partner
Getting Started with Viber via Messaggio

Creating a Viber Business Sender ID with Messaggio is quick and straightforward. Messaggio, as a recognized Viber partner, guides you through the process, helping you create a unique profile.

Key takeaways

  • Viber boasts a user base of over 1.1 billion worldwide.
  • The Business API contributes 40% to Viber’s revenue.
  • Viber Business Messages offer a cost-effective way to connect with diverse audiences.
  • Charges are incurred only for successfully delivered messages.
  • The Viber API accommodates businesses of all sizes.
  • Messaggio’s omnichannel approach ensures consistent customer engagement.

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