How to Get your Prospect Opt-In to your Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign?

Is bulk SMS a worthy marketing tool? Why should someone choose bulk SMS marketing when they have so many ways to get in touch with the target audience.

Well, the answer is simple; almost 90% of texts are read in first three minutes. And a staggering 45% of receivers click-through, therefore conversion rates are substantially higher than other forms of marketing. Sending useful and informative texts that relate to your target audience, and picking them up into your bot, is exactly what will make your consumers take action, such as signing up for promos and demo, making a purchase, or leaving a review.

But the first thing you need to get started with a high-performance bulk SMS campaign is to get phone number and consent of customers to receive your bulk SMS, commonly known as SMS opt-in. As SMS opt-in and GDPR compliance for bulk SMS campaign is a permission-based activity, the first question that rises in customer’s mind is “What’s in it for me?” And there lies your SMS opt-in strategy. In God Father’s words, ‘Give them an offer they can’t refuse’. Offer your prospective customers something that attracts and motivates them to share their number with you so that you could start a conversation with them via bulk SMS.

Below are six hard-to-resist ways to get customers to opt-in for your bulk SMS campaign.

1. Offer Discount Coupons

Study reveals that 60% of people opt-in to SMS primarily to receive discount coupons. The goal is to build the highest possible interaction by showcasing your discount deals. A leading supermarket chain, for example, strategically placed this bid on the checkout counter: The Outcome?

Every single customer who had been in the store during the campaign week opted for the text messaging programme. Yes, that’s true. The customers’ response to this simple campaign was nearly 100%.

2. Social Media Ads

Prospects and customers who follow you on various social media sites (such as Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / LinkedIn / Pinterest) are more likely to Opt-in as they are already interested in your product/service. That makes it easier to advertise the SMS campaign on theses platforms and get the SMS opt-ins.

Just before the summer holiday season, a travel company may like to post something like this on their social media handles, which is likely to work quite well in terms of SMS Opt-in for bulk SMS Campaign.

3. Use Text-to-Win

Text-to-win marketing campaigns are a proven means of increasing your lists of SMS opt-in subscribers. All your prospects need to do is to write a word or phrase to a bot number, and they’re going to enter a contest and win the prize. Below is an example of a contest run by an educational institution that offer vocational courses. The contest was publicized through websites, brochures and billboards.

This not only provided candid leads but brought in a boom in SMS opt-in that immensely increased the student base of the institution. The text-back also helped the Institute compile a list of future messages that would be most relevant to each respondent.

4. SMS Campaign Subscription forms

You can simply add an SMS subscription checkbox in the email subscription form on your website along with a phone number capture to offer your prospects and customers another way to let you know about their interests and preferences. Also, make sure that your bulk SMS campaign should give your audience a feel of exclusivity which they may not experience on any other channel.
Note: The term “Exclusive Deals” encourage people to opt-in to your SMS campaign.

5. Keywords for Call to Action through Social Media/Email

Keywords are words you set up on your text messaging app to place people on a specific list, automatically. For example, you can post the instruction, “Text OPTIN to 34321 to receive text with exclusive deals and discounts.” Here you must highlight the advantages of entering the system, whether it’s access to promotions, VIP rewards, events or items not available to those not on the list.

You can create promotions and post them on your website for SMS opt-in campaigns, or email the invitation to join your customers or share them on your social media profiles. You may also add the keyword calls to action at the end of blog posts, or on a white paper or at the end of a video, in a sidebar. There are so many possibilities.

Another way to reach your current customers is by including your text call to action as part of your newsletter. To SMS opt-in, you can ask them to prospects to send a message or attach a sign-up form, where people can type their cell phone number when they are willing for SMS opt-in and GDRP compliance.

6. Offer a Weekly Tip

You can lure your customer’s by offering useful tips via SMS opt-in. This strategy blends content marketing with bulk SMS marketing with marketing.

For example, some health services provider’s weekly tips may include: Content marketing is a strategy that seeks to provide important and useful information to your audience to get them to know you, to like you and to trust you. It is a very efficient way to get qualified SMS opt-in list or expand an existing one. It is much more valuable when your target understands the benefit, as they’ll be more likely to prefer your SMS Opt-in over your competitors.

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