How to Create and Use Message Templates for Business Messaging?

We all know that bulk SMS and text message templates in business are the waves of the future for interacting with the markets. If you understand how to use text message templates, you can accelerate your texting performance.

Research has proved that the target audience likes bulk SMS even better when it’s efficient and relevant to them.
– 76% of US customers have said speed is the most critical aspect of service-based messaging for positive impact satisfaction.
– 91 percent of users who chose to receive bulk SMS or message from Viber business / WhatsApp Business see such texts as “somewhat” or “very useful.”

Here are a few easy ways to use SMS templates in your bulk SMS or Viber business campaign to make sure that you are efficient and meaningful with every single message you send.

How to Use SMS Templates for Bulk SMS and Viber Business?

Marketing Content

The first step in the successful use of templates is to create a simple collection of templates for your marketing opt-ins, advertising promotions, profiling questions, and surveys. Start by tuning the simple set of content templates provided by Messagio or your other text messaging service providers to suit your customers and business.

  • Edit templates to suit your market and your products.
  • Edit the company name in the templates.
  • Frame SMS templates to what best suits your business.

Now, build a second set of templates with a completely different set of messages/information.
Run both A and B campaigns for a bit of time, watch the response rate, and any patterns or profiles you see. See which type of message and content gets the best response and compels the prospective customers to opt-in or convert.
If required, run another series of tests incorporating voice and content type that induces the best response. Match all your other marketing content templates to this theme, and you’ll start seeing the best results from your text campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Compelling Responses for Sales Team

It is essential to study and find the specific answers your sales teams give to prospective clients, the answers that will push them forward effectively in your pipeline.
Use these successful answers to customize the messaging templates given by your messaging service provider. Subsequently, provide these templates as validated answers to reps, who must use them in response to similar queries.
Be sure to include relevant content links in your templates that reps have proven to achieve the highest percentage and quickest time-to-conversion.

Rapid Resolutions for a Robust Support Team

We all know that 80% of the support problems are easily resolved by a finite collection of clear, reliable answers. Identify the most common issues and solutions used by your customer support to settle most of the cases quickly.
Tune the sample resolution templates provided by your messaging provider using these quick-resolution responses. Propagate templates of these resolutions across your support staff and reps.
And finally, make sure that you have relevant content links in your templates that your customers need to solve the problem quickly.

The Bottom Line

If you use text message templates for your business, you should and will improve your marketing, sales, and support results beyond what you get with simple text messaging. Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Personalize your marketing campaign with highly persuasive and relevant details.
  • Improve sales productivity with answers that have been shown to close more business.
  • Accelerate time-to-resolution by presenting service staff with the best possible response to customer issues.

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