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    Cascade Messaging



    WhatsApp Notifications

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    2FA protection

    Google RCS

    Ready message templates

    Simple Sender ID transfer

    If you have already tried or actively use Vibermessaging but want to switch providers, we will help transfer your sender to Messaggio.

    • Free transfer
    • Personal manager’s support at each stage
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    Messaggio Features

    The convenient Messaggio dashboard provides a plethora of tools for creating and sending campaigns.

    Utilize all the platform’s capabilities to boost campaign conversion and user engagement.

    Chat Dashboard

    Interact with customers from a single interface: maintain dialogue, conduct personalized and non-intrusive upselling, resolve technical and organizational issues, and automate processes.

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    Short URL and Click Tracking

    The link shortener allows you to display an attractive URL in messages without UTM tags. Clicks on such links are tracked and reflected in statistics in order to evaluate campaign conversion.

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    Delivery at the Best Time

    Maximize the effectiveness of your messages by delivering them at the moment of the subscriber’s highest activity. Messaggio automatically determines the time by analyzing each user’s previous activity.

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    best delivery time
    Smooth Sending

    Specify the time interval for sending messages. Manage the flow of requests and promptly respond to incoming inquiries.

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    Build loyalty by using 12 variables that automatically insert personalized information, capturing user attention.

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    A/B Testing

    Experiment with ideas, test hypotheses, and find the best headlines, texts, visual content, and interaction elements.

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    SMS Plugins & Modules

    Easy integration without code! Try business messaging plugins for popular CRM, website and online shop management systems.

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    Customer Case: Diamandino

    How Diamandino achieved a 848% ROAS using a Viber messaging campaign

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