Mobile network code
MCCMNC 20601

(Proximus, Бельгія)

Messaggio messaging platform provides high-quality SMS delivery channels to any mobile network worldwide and multichannel message routing to popular messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, RCS)

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20601 Proximus, Бельгія

Mobile virtual networks operators connected to Proximus, Бельгія

MCCMNCMCCMNCNetworkOther namessend SMSsend Vibersend Whatsapp
206Blue Light Mobile Astrid € 0.05750 € 0.01130 € 0.10960
206Scarlet Telecom € 0.05750 € 0.01130 € 0.10960
2065020650IP Nexia request request request

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Country info

Country info
Country codebe
Calling code+32
Mobile number portability, MNPYes
Mobile country code, MCC206

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MCCMNC in Бельгія

20601, 20605, 20606, 20607, 20608, 20609, 20610, 20615, 20616, 20620, 20630, 20640, 20650

Available messaging services in Бельгія

  • 2FA (Two factors authentification)
  • OTP (One time password)
  • A2P (Application to persons)
  • P2A (Persons to application)
  • RBM (Rich business messaging)
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