Messaging platform
for Business

Send notifications to your customers on Viber,
RCS and SMS via powerful platform

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RCS & Viber messaging

Send personalized notifications on Viber, SMS and social networks via official channels.

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Messaging platform

The Messaggio platform withstands high loads and processes millions of messages per hour.


The Messaggio platform allows you to set the priority and conditions for sending messages.

API integration

Functional API for sending messages to your customers for integration with your system.

Delivery reports

Direct connections Messaggio with operators and messengers exclude unreliable intermediaries in the delivery.


Watch the statistics of delivering your notifications in real time through the personal cabinet.

Personal cabinet

Use a convenient personal cabinet for working with message templates, debugging API integration, and delivery analytics.

Notifications to your customers via SMS, Viber
and in social networks

Connect to the Messaggio platform to send messages to your customers through various communication channels.

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Connecting to multiple communication channels

All contacts in one place

Manage customer's contacts through a convenient personal cabinet: create lists of numbers, work with the phone book.

Multichannel sending

The message will be delivered to the priority channel or redirected to the secondary one.


Messaggio — your communications center: send and receive messages from your customers via any channels. Conduct mass notifications, collect statistics and view analytics.

The functional API allows clients to conduct dialogues not only with your representative, but also interact with a chat-bot to make orders or messaging to the support service.

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