Instant and secure verification
of customers’ mobile numbers

When a user is accessing the SP over a mobile network this allows the Service Provider to obtain or verify the phone number of the device. Mobile Connect assists the SP to verify the MSISDN in one of two ways

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Verified MSISDN Match: The SP requests the Operator to compare the SISDN they provide with the mobile device registered to the network.
Verified MSISDN Share: An operator provides the MSISDN allowing the Service Provider to carry out their own check.

How does it work?

  • The Service Improver places a request with the user’s Operator via the Mobile Connect OIDC API to access the ATP service. The SP will request either the Verified MSISDN Share or Match service.
  • The Operator will then process the SP’s request. This involves retrieving the authenticated MSISDN from their network and comparing it to the MSISDN submitted by the SP. With VM Match this would return a true or false match result; with VM share the operator would send the MSISDN to the Service Provider.

How is it used?

  • Easy verification during account registration. User’s MSISDN is easily and rapidly checked.
  • Helps mitigate fraud risk by carrying out background checks. Helps to establish if the device currently being used to access an account does belong to the authorised account holder.
  • Enables password free login by identifying the user to the SP without the individual user’s interaction. This can be a simple LoA2 authentication process or a step up authentication challenge initiated by the SP.

Mobile Identity benefits and features

  • Provides a better experience for users by speeding registration processes. Less input required by users by avoiding SMS one-time password generation and input.
  • No trade off between user experience and security. Authentication using MSISDN via a mobile network is fast and secure, and can even be used when roaming.
  • Avoids user frustration by removing situations where legitimate transactions are blocked, thus also increasing revenue for the Service Provider.
  • Data cannot be influenced by malware on the device – data is verified by the network.
  • Single contract to access the service and a single open standard API (OIDC) from multiple operators worldwide.
  • Option to fallback to MCMC Authenticate if MSISDN cannot be matched in cases where password-less login is required and the user’s device is not on the operator’s mobile network.
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