Правила и условия рассылки

Сервис мультиканальной рассылки основан на разнообразии технологий телекоммуникации и Интернета. В описании сервиса мы часто используем аббревиатуры, с которыми знакомы не все. Здесь представлен глоссарий терминов и разъяснений, применяемых в отрасли.

MO Message

An SMS sent from a mobile handset to an application is referred to as an MO Message. The term describes the process and flow of a handset sending a Short Message submission to its home network SMSC utilizing the mo-ForwardSM transaction which will store and forward to the destination mobile number or short code. In the case of a Short Code or A2P long number, the SMSC will pass the message to the aggregator, and the aggregator will pass it onto the Enterprise who has leased that number. An acknowledgement (delivery notification) is also sent back to the originating handset once the message is delivered to the Enterprise. If you would like to learn more about SMS, why not read our overview called “How Does SMS Work?”.