Правила и условия рассылки

Сервис мультиканальной рассылки основан на разнообразии технологий телекоммуникации и Интернета. В описании сервиса мы часто используем аббревиатуры, с которыми знакомы не все. Здесь представлен глоссарий терминов и разъяснений, применяемых в отрасли.


Mobile Country Code (MCC) is a 3 digit code used in combination with Mobile Network Code to identify a mobile network operator uniquely, the 1st refers the continent (the digits 1 and 8 are not used):

0: Test networks

2: Europe

3: North America and the Caribbean

4: Asia and the Middle East

5: Oceania

6: Africa

7: South and Central America

9: Worldwide (Satellite, Air-aboard aircraft, Maritime-aboard ships, Antarctica)

An MCC is used in combination with an MNC (a combination known as an «MCC/MNC tuple») to uniquely identify a mobile network operator (carrier) using the GSM, UMTS, and LTE public land mobile networks. Some but not all CDMA, iDEN, and satellite mobile networks are identified with an MCC/MNC tuple as well.