Правила и условия рассылки

Сервис мультиканальной рассылки основан на разнообразии технологий телекоммуникации и Интернета. В описании сервиса мы часто используем аббревиатуры, с которыми знакомы не все. Здесь представлен глоссарий терминов и разъяснений, применяемых в отрасли.
Кстати, вы можете создать аккаунт и отправлять SMS своим клиентам через личный кабинет, плагин или интеграцию API.


For every entity (and associated store and forward machine) a message touched in its path to delivery is regarded as a hop. The count starts from when the enterprise submits the message to a network and stops before the final terminating operator SMSC. e.g. Acme, Inc. sends a message to an AT&T subscriber via the Messaggio network and Messaggio sends the message to AT&T for On-Net delivery, this would be regarded as One-Hop. To illustrate a multi-hop, if Acme, Inc. needs to send a message to an AT&T subscriber, but has to use an intermediary service, like SMSAGG, Inc. and SMSAGG sends the message to Messaggio for delivery, then this would make it two hops. If Messaggio uses its own SMSCs for delivery then this would be a Zero-Hop connection. In general, the less hops the better, as each hop takes time and can potentially have latency and security vulnerabilities.