Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.

Customer care and notifications:
WhatsApp Business API

Improve your service notifications and customer care
with messaging in WhatsApp — send messages with buttons,
media and files, keep online chat communication with customers
on behalf of your branded WhatsApp sender ID. Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.

Multimedia content

The message may contain an image, video file, document or geolocation. Huge opportunities for message template design!

Interactive communication

WhatsApp Sender ID has two-way communication capability by default. A client can write a message first, or in response to a notification.

Global coverage

WhatsApp occupies a leading positions in penetration rate in many countries. The only Sender ID allows to send messages in any country.

Enhanced analytics

Messaggio real-time statistics are available not only for the “sent” and “delivered” message statuses, but also “Viewed” and so on.


New era of business messaging: Getting closer to the client with WhatsApp Business API

Communicate with customers where it’s convenient and familiar for them.

Modern communication formats extend beyond websites, hotlines, and office addresses. The WhatsApp Business Sender ID is the brand’s virtual face, supporting customers through online chat, facilitating marketing campaigns, and sending interactive notifications.

Messaggio Platform for WhatsApp notifications

Multi-user account

Invite colleagues to collaborate on your Messaggio account.

Contacts import

Import a contact database from Excel of any size and in any encoding.

Omni-channel routing

Optimize your budget and expand your coverage by re-sending messages to other channels.

Statistics and analytics

Use statistics on messages in real time: statuses of sending, delivery, views and clicks.

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