Omnichannel Platform for Business Messaging

Send notifications from your CRM, eShop or App and always stay in touch with customers.

SMS notifications

The most common communication channel, for both mass-sendings and trigger notifications.

Viber for business

A wide range of business tools: in-app advertising, notifications and chat with clients in the messenger.

Flash call

Verify phone numbers via cost effective flash calls as alternative to One Time Passwords in SMS.

WhatsApp Business API

Chatting and interactive trigger messages in one of the most popular instant messengers.

Telegram bot

Interactive message broadcasts to Telegram channels, groups, or user's private messages.

Verified SMS

Sending verified SMS messages by Google to Android devices on behalf of the brand.


Enhanced messaging solution for brand communication on Android devices.

Mobile ID

High-quality user verification channel with phone number binding and high conversion rate.

What We Do?

Effective tools for customer service, marketing, and security

Customer notifications

Launch triggered dispatches from your system. Send the customer’s order statuses, confirm the appointments.

Transactional messages
Notifications from CRM

Marketing and upsales

Run bulk messaging campaigns with multichannel routing. Engage clients in a conversations and sell more.

Chatting with customers

Two-factor authentication

Verify users on the website or application. Use reliable Two-Factor Authentication methods.

Flash call verification


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